Commemorative year 2019 in Weimar

Memorial plaque by Walter Gropius for the Weimar Constitution of 1919

In 2019, the city of Weimar commemorates two anniversaries. On August 11, 1919, the Weimar Constitution was passed here. In the same year, the Bauhaus movement was created on the initiative of the architect Walter Gropius. An interesting intersection of both events forms this plaque, which commemorates the 11th of August, 1919: It was designed by Walter Gropius. [German]

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Kaisersaal in Erfurt

Kaisersaal in Erfurt, Germany

Today the Kaisersaal (Emperor’s Hall) serves as a venue for conferences and cultural events. In the past the place saw historic meetings like the Congress of Erfurt (1808) with Emperor Napoleon I and Tsar Alexander I as participants. Another important moment was the SPD congress in 1891 which formulated the Erfurt Program.

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