Kunsttischlerei Potzmann in Litzelsdorf

Kunsttischlerei Potzmann in Litzelsdorf, Austria

At the Kunsttischlerei (cabinet maker) Potzmann I got in touch with Mr. Franz Potzmann who is not only a restorer for furniture but also offers lessons in restoring furniture yourself. After a small interview in the garden of his house, where also his lessons take place on sunny days, I had the chance to polish a small box myself.

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Perchtenlauf in Judenburg

Perchte at a Perchtenlauf in Judenburg, Austria

The Perchtenlauf (Procession of Perchten) in Judenburg was the first Perchtenlauf I have ever watched. I was impressed with how scary the masks looked like. Though I don’t think that a Perchtenlauf in the mid of November is really traditional I like the idea of this event and recommend to watch such a procession if you get the chance anywhere in the Alpine region.

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