Falkenlust hunting lodge in Brühl, Germany

Schloss Falkenlust in Brühl, Germany

Jagdschloss Falkenlust is a hunting lodge in Brühl. Together with Augustusburg Palace (Schloss Augustusburg) and the park grounds, Falkenlust hunting lodge forms an ensemble. In 1984 this ensemble has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. [German]

The Falkenlust hunting lodge was built in the years 1729 to 1740 for the then very popular falconry. As an architectural example, the Amalienburg served in the park of Nymphenburg Palace in Munich. As an architect, the Munich court architect François de Cuvilliés could be won.

The courtyard side of the hunting lodge is connected to Augustsburg Palace by an alley. On the roof is a viewing platform from which the falconry was observed.

The stairs house in the southern part of the hunting lodge is decorated with Dutch tiles. The ceiling painting by Laurenz de La Roque shows scenes of the falconry.

In contrast to the representative character of Augustusburg Palace, Falkenlust hunting lodge is furnished as a maison de plaisance. In 1760 Giacomo Casanova gave a gala dinner for the Cologne mayoress of the Pütz and other ladies of the Cologne society.


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Lute- and violinmaking industry in Füssen

Exhibition about lutes and violins in Füssen

For many years Füssen has been a centre of the lute- and violinmaking industry. In 1562, the lute maker of Füssen joined together to form the first European lute maker guild. Today one can visit an extensive exhibition about the production of lutes and violins at the museum of local history (Museum der Stadt Füssen).

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Trompe l’oeil featuring a book in Füssen

A trompe-l'œil featuring a book in Füssen, Germany

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