Fagus Factory in Alfeld, Germany

Fagus factory in Alfeld, Germany

The Fagus factory is a very special world heritage site because the factory is still in operation. The buildings house a production for shoe lasts as well as a museum about the history of the company and shoes in general. The architecture is considered as an example of early modern architecture and was designed by Walter Gropius and Adolf Mayer.

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Contemporary soffit at Butcher’s Guildhall in Hildesheim

Contemporary soffit at the Butcher's Guildhall in Hildesheim, Germany

The most famous building at the market place of Hildesheim is probably the guildhall of the butchers (Knochenhaueramtshaus). It was destroyed in March 1945 and has been completely restored after 1986. I was surprised to see that some of the old soffits got contemporary paintings obviously influenced by the cruelty of World War II.

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