Kunsthaus in Graz

The Kunsthaus was built in 2003 and shows exhibitions of contemporary art. Because of its special architecture, it is generally known as the “Friendly Alien”. Contrary to a white cube the interior in the form of an irregular bladder gives the chance to enjoy bulky sculptures in an appropriate space. [German]

Steam locomotive BR 52.1227 in Graz

While waiting in the red train at the right side of the photo a huge steam locomotive stopped next to me. It was built in 1944 and one of  the so-called war locomotives of the DRB Class 52. Well, I left my train on the spot taking this photo.

Interior by Peter Kogler at Graz Central Station

In 2003 the capital city of Styria got the title ‘European Capital of Culture’. In the same year Graz Central Station had been renovated and artist Peter Kogler was elected to decorate the entrance hall of the railway station.