Castles in Lower Austria

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Dog lady at Schallaburg Palace, Austria

Lower Austria (Niederösterreich) is an Austrian state in the north-eastern part of Austria. It is divided into four statutory cities (Statutarstadt) and 21 districts (Bezirk). The landscape is dotted with strong hilltop castles (Burg) and castle ruins (Burgruine) as well as luxurious palaces (Schloss) in the style of Renaissance or even Tudor.

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Statutarstadt Krems

Statutarstadt Sankt Pölten

Statutarstadt Waidhofen an der Ybbs

Statutarstadt Wiener Neustadt

Bezirk Amstetten

Bezirk Baden

Bezirk Bruck an der Leitha

Bezirk Gänserndorf

Bezirk Gmünd

Bezirk Hollabrunn

Bezirk Horn

Bezirk Korneuburg

Bezirk Krems-Land

Bezirk Melk

Bezirk Mistelbach

Bezirk Mödling

Bezirk Neunkirchen

Bezirk Sankt Pölten-Land

Bezirk Scheibbs

Bezirk Tulln

Bezirk Waidhofen an der Thaya

Bezirk Wien-Umgebung

Bezirk Wiener Neustadt-Land

Bezirk Zwettl

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