Castles in Styria

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Front view of Schloss Kornberg

Styria offers a lot of castles (Burg) as there was a need for defense against Ottomans and Hungarians in earlier times. Besides big fortresses like Riegersburg and town fortifications like in Radkersburg there are also a lot of palaces (Schloss) with lovely Renaissance courts.

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Bezirk Bruck-Mürzzuschlag

Bezirk Deutschlandsberg

Bezirk Graz Umgebung

Bezirk Hartberg-Fürstenfeld

Bezirk Leibnitz

Bezirk Leoben

Bezirk Liezen

Bezirk Murau

Bezirk Murtal

Bezirk Südoststeiermark

Bezirk Voitsberg

Bezirk Weiz


World > Austria > Styria