Where do you write your blog posts?

Notebook on a Railjet

Today I came across an article about travel bloggers. The header was provided with a photo of a man lying on a hammock working with his notebook. Oh, there are so many articles about travel bloggers like this: Man or woman in a hammock or on a beach chair.

I never write in a hammock or at the beach. I can’t write in a hammock as I need space for my books. I can’t write at the beach as I don’t want to have sand next to my notebook. I generally write my blog posts while sitting at tables. Often while being on a train or waiting for a train at the station, in a cafĂ© or at the hotel. Sometimes at a lake.

Sounds not really cosy. But on the other hand being on travel doesn’t mean being on vacation. So, my special question to all travel bloggers: Where exactly do you write your blog posts? Thanks for your comments!