Capitoline Wolf in Maria Saal

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Capitoline Wolf in Maria Saal

I only wanted to photograph the Roman stone with the “mail coach” in Maria Saal. But then I came across this intriguing relief stone in the entrance area of the Maria Saal Cathedral. It represented the Capitoline Wolf with Romulus and Remus.

The Capitoline Wolf in Maria Saal

The relief stone with the Capitoline Wolf (Lupa Capitolina) comes from a plain named Zollfeld. Below the meadows of these flatlands are the remains of the Roman city of Virunum. So far, only the ancient amphitheatre has been uncovered from the ruins. On the other hand, farmers found roman stones all the time. For preservation, this valuable pieces have been immured in religious buildings.

Maria Saal Cathedral

The relief stone of the Capitoline Wolf is walled in together with around 30 other Roman stones on an outer wall of the Pilgrimage Church of the Assumption of Mary in Maria Saal. Though there was never a see of a bishop, local people love to call the iconic church Maria Saal Cathedral.

In addition to the she-wolf, another Roman stone is worth seeing on the church’s walls. It depicts a carriage ride into the netherworld. This example is colloquially called the stone with the “mail coach“.

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