MAMUZ Archaeological Park

Reconstruction of a Celtic sanctuary in Asparn an der Zaya, Austria

The archaeological open-air site next to Asparn Castle (Schloss Asparn) belongs to the MAMUZ Museum of Prehistory in the Austrian region of Weinviertel. Covering an area of 19,000 m², reconstructed buildings dating from the Palaeolithic Age up to the Iron Age are displayed. [German]


Skyline of Berlin

Skyline of Berlin, Germany

I took this skyline pic of Berlin from the top of the Victory Column (Siegessäule). On the left side, you see the modern television tower of Berlin, the Fernsehturm. The Greek cross on the sphere is often called “The Pope’s Revenge”.


Ehrenburg Palace in Coburg

Ehrenburg Palace in Coburg, Germany

Ehrenburg Palace (Schloss Ehrenburg) was the residential palace of the dukes of Saxe-Coburg until 1918. It originates from a Franciscan monastery. The present façade in the English Gothic Revival style is a work by Karl Friedrich Schinkel at the beginning of the 19th century. [German]