Moorish Kiosk of Linderhof Palace

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Moorish kiosk in front of the Alps

The Moorish Kiosk in the park of Linderhof Palace impresses with its place in front of the Alps. But its first location was in a big city. It originally served as the Prussian contribution at the Paris World Exhibition of 1867. [German]

The Moorish Kiosk of Linderhof Palace

The European railway king Bethel Henry Strousberg later installed the Moorish Kiosk in the park of his Bohemian estate Sbirow. From there, the building found its way into the garden of Linderhof Palace. King Ludwig enhanced the interior by establishing a peacock throne.

Other attractions in the palace park

The Moorish Kiosk is not the only attraction in the Linderhof Palace Park. The Moroccan House also deals with the oriental theme. The Hunding’s Hut, on the other hand, refers to the Wagner opera “Walküre”. Ludwig’s fondness for another Wagner opera – “Tannhäuser” – shaped the artificially created Venus grotto.

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