Frauenkirche in Munich

The Cathedral of Our Blessed Lady (Frauenkirche), also known as M√ľnchner Dom, is the largest church in Munich, the capital city of Bavaria. I took this view after climbing up the tower of another church called St. Peter.

Moorish kiosk in Ettal

During a walk on the grounds of Linderhof Palace (Schloss Linderhof) I came across this Moorish kiosk. It was originally built as Prussian contribution to the World Exhibition 1867 in Paris and turned later into one of several attractions located around the palace owned by King Ludwig II of Bavaria.

Linderhof Palace in Ettal

Linderhof Palace (Schloss Linderhof) is the smallest of the three palaces built by King Ludwig II of Bavaria. It is not only remarkable for its style and interior but also for the fanciful castle grounds where one can find an artificial grotto, a big tree inside a hut and a Moorish kiosk. 

Chiemsee Railway in Prien

It is pretty old: The Chiemsee Railway (Chiemseebahn) dates back to 1887. Though this railway doesn’t exactly meet the definition of a tramway, it is considered the oldest still operating steam tramway in the world.