Roman fort Biriciana

Roman fort Biriciana in Weißenburg, Germany

The Roman fort Biriciana, now known as Kastell Weissenburg, was occupied by cavalry units in ancient times. The photo shows the reconstructed north gate (Porta decumana) of the fort area. In Roman times, this gate led to the Limes. [German]


Ehrenburg Palace in Coburg

Ehrenburg Palace in Coburg, Germany

Ehrenburg Palace (Schloss Ehrenburg) was the residential palace of the dukes of Saxe-Coburg until 1918. It originates from a Franciscan monastery. The present façade in the English Gothic Revival style is a work by Karl Friedrich Schinkel at the beginning of the 19th century. [German]


Manhole cover in Munich

Manhole cover in Munich, Germany

The manhole covers in Munich display the “Münchner Kindl”. It is a character you also see in the city arms. Though in the Bavarian dialect, Münchner Kindl literally means Munich child, the original meaning of the figure was a monk or friar.