Pilatushaus in Nuremberg

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Sankt George in Nuremberg, Germany

The house sign of the Pilatushaus in Nuremberg shows Saint George fighting the dragon. The motif fits well. The owner of this home was a Plattner (amorer), and George was the Saint of his craft guild.

Saint George and the Dragon

After visiting the former home of Albrecht Dürer and making my thoughts about a mystique hare nearby, I came across the Pilatushaus. The sculpture of Saint George fighting a dragon attracted me on the spot.

George wore a suit of armour, which looked similar to those I saw in Nuremberg Castle and other museums. My first impression was this sculpture is more a product presentation than a religious statue.

I guess I wasn’t that wrong. Locals told me the Pilatushaus was the home of a Plattner (armourer). He chose Saint George – the Saint of the armourers – as a house sign. And perhaps he wanted to show what good armour should look like.

And my second thought? In general, Saint George is fighting a dragon sitting on a horse. In this depiction, he stands like a guard. What about the state of the dragon? I’d say the situation is tight but not hopeless.

Pilatushaus in Nuremberg

The Pilatushaus itself is worth a look as well. It saw its completion in 1489. The half-timbered building consists of seven floors. I couldn’t believe it at the first moment.

I lived in a 7-floor building for many years. It was built in 1955 and was considered the first highrise in my city. The Pilatushaus, on the other hand, is a structure of the 15th century!

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