Trompe l’oeil in Füssen

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A trompe-l'œil featuring a book in Füssen, Germany

I did know Füssen is known for intriguing Trompe-l’œils on the walls of the High Castle (Hohes Schloss). Though, I was surprised to see in the streets of Füssen such an impressive Trompe-l’œil featuring a book.

The murals in the High Castle

The depicted mural is only one of several in the city. The highest concentration of Trompe-l’œils is in the High Castle (Hohes Schloss) of Füssen. There, you see illusionistic depictions of oriels.

The city arms of Füssen

On the right page, you find the local city arms. It is a triskelion of three legs. The depiction of the city arms is not precise. You’ll find a better rendering on the manhole covers of the town.

The meaning of the mural

The text in this book talks about with which virtues you will have a good life. It connects the three legs of the city arms with the character traits of diligence, honesty and helpfulness (fleissig – ehrlich – hilfsbereit).

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