Fürstenhaus in Weimar

University of Music Franz Liszt in Weimar, Germany

The Fürstenhaus in Weimar is a building with much history. Planned as a site for an authority, it turned into the residence of a Duke. After hosting a series of parliaments, it houses the “University of Music FRANZ LISZT Weimar” today.


Alter Brotladen in Melk

Former salt magazine in Melk, Austria

This romantic building with its dinky corner oriels is generally known as “Alter Brotladen” (Former Bread Shop). Three different bakers in Melk used it as a shared bread store. Some sources say it served as a Salzstadel (salt storehouse) before.


Roman Tombstone in Wels

Roman tombstone in Wels, Austria

During the Roman era, the city of Wels was known as Ovilava and served as the capital of the province Noricum Ripense. Ancient remains are still visible in the cityscape. For example, this tombstone is part of a building in the town centre.


Würzburg Residence

Frozen fountain at Residenz Würzburg, Germany

It was a cold day when I took this photo of a frozen fountain on the grounds of the Würzburg Residence (Würzburger Residenz). The Baroque palace saw its completion in 1744. Today, it is part of the UNESCO World Heritage List.


TAKRAF cranes in Rostock

Cranes at the city harbour of Rostock, Germany

Do cranes own personality? I asked myself this question while strolling around the city harbour of Rostock. There, I found two port cranes nicely coloured blue and yellow. They saw their completion in a GDR combine named TAKRAF in 1960.