Heinkel Kabine in Constance

Heinkel Kabine in Constance, Germany

Ha, isn’t it a cutie? I saw this microcar – generally known as Heinkel Kabine – at the Internationale Bodenseewoche. This traditional festival takes place at the harbour of Constance’s historic city centre. It’s not only a meeting point for lovers of classic cars but also for power boats. [German]

Volkswagen Type 181 in Geras

Volkswagen Type 181 in Geras, Austria

In Geras Abbey (Stift Geras), I visited an exhibition about the history of fire brigades. There I saw this Volkswagen Type 181. It was built in 1974 and was used as a service car for the fire brigades in Lower Austria. Reading the history of this car makes me smile: Was this car really called “The Thing” in the US?

Ford T 1925

Ford T 1925 in Mürzzuschlag, Austria

Nearly 100 years old and still running. I came across this 1925 model of a Ford T automobile at a classic car show in Mürzzuschlag. Fun fact: The location was on the grounds of the Südbahn Museum, which doesn’t deal with automobiles but the history of the Semmering Railway.