Villa Haar in Weimar

Promenaders reach Villa Haar via a long outside staircase that connects the building with the Ilmpark (Park an der Ilm). Trees provide shade during the ascent, revealing a neo-Renaissance style villa. The stairwell inside is not particularly large but enchanted by its lovely wall decoration.

muziKafe Bed & Breakfast in Ptuj

A play of smithery and colours in the backyard of muziKafe Bed & Breakfast in Ptuj. After an one-year trip aournd the world a family decided to go back to their home town Ptuj and to see the world as guests in their bed & breakfast.

Caffé Contarena in Udine

Inside a Belle Époque café of Udine: Caffé Contarena is located next to the Piazza Libertà and offers an impressive interior design made of colourful mosaics placed in the lunettes of the hall.

Café Fürstenhof in Regensburg

I just love the style of this café in Regensburg named Café Fürstenhof. What about you? Would you love to have a cup of coffee at this balcony watching the people in the street?

K.u.k. Hofbäckerei Fritz Rath in Linz

Inside this traditional bakery and café one can order famous cakes like the ‘Linzer Torte’. The K.u.k. reminds of the fact that this shop was an appointed purveyor to the Chamber of His Majesty, Archduke Peter Ferdinand of Habsburg-Toscana.

Café Riquet in Leipzig

After a short walk through the snowy Leipzig, I had a cup of coffee at Kaffeehaus Riquet. The café was built in 1908/1909 by Paul Lange. It offers a very stylish interior. Sources / More info

Cafés in Vienna

Vienna is famous for its traditional ‘Kaffeehäuser’. The following list shows some cafés known for their traditional Viennese style.