Strange faces at the Schuhhof in Goslar

At one of the oldest squares in Goslar you can see these strange faces. Personally the reminded me more on faces known from overseas than on German ones. The German name of the square is Schuhhof. During Christmas time a sort of Christmas wood is placed on this square.

Marvellous facades in Brno

Some facades I came across near the railway station of Brno. In cities with railway stations built around 1900 one can see a lot of fascinating architecture near these stations. Therefore I love to stroll around these quarters and to take photos like these ones.

Zwiebelmusterhaus in Sankt Pölten

The Zwiebelmusterhaus in Sank Pölten is noted for its wall decoration of 168 plates. By the way, you often see the statue of a saint at the corner of a building in Austria.