Court pharmacy in Passau

The former court pharmacy of Passau, generally known as Hofapotheke zum Schwarzen Adler was first mentioned in 1384 and is considered as the oldest pharmacy of Bavaria. The impressive emblem in the ceiling reminds of its former funtion as court pharmacy.

Lukas-Kern-Orphanage in Passau

In 1749 innkeeper Lukas Kern donated an orphage for at least twelve boys and twelve girls. The building, today known as Bürgerliches Waisenhaus or Lukas-Kern-Kinderheim, was erected by Johann Michael Schneitmann  and is still in use as orphage. At this fresco outside of the building you can see a depiction of Lukas Kern (left) and his wife…

Five devils and a cowhide on Reichenau Island

Inside St George’s Basilica on Reichenau Island there is a very special 14th century fresco. A devil is writing something on a cowhide hold by four devils. This is a reference to the German saying Das geht auf keine Kuhhaut (That doesn’t fit on a cowhide).

Late Carolingian frescoes on Reichenau Island

At St George’s Basilica I had the change to see some frescoes showing scenes of Jesus Christ’s life described in the bible. Though I had always thought they were of Ottonian period I was told they were created even earlier, so they are considered late Carolingian (9th century).

Frescoes inside the Schweizertor in Vienna

There are so many photos showing the Schweizertor (Swiss Gate) of the Viennese Hofburg but have you ever seen photos of the frescoes inside the gate? Have a look at this set of photos presenting the frescoes at the ceiling of the Schweizertor.

Parz Castle in Grieskirchen

The frescoes at the store front of Parz Castle (Schloss Parz) are the largest Renaissance frescoes north of the Alps. I had the chance to see them while visiting the State exhibition 2010 about Renaissance and Reformation in Upper Austria.