Red Castle in Weimar

Renaissance portal at the Red Castle (Rotes Schloss) of Weimar, Germany

On the way from the Duchess Anna Amalia Library to the market, I pass a Renaissance portal with a strikingly large number of coats of arms. The windows have colourful lines like fresh make-up. The gate belongs to the Red Castle (Rote Schloss), which was built in the years 1574/76 as a widow’s residence for Duchess Dorothea Susanne. [German]

Aquileia Gate in Udine

Aquileia gate in Udine, Italy

The Aquileia Gate (Porta Aquileia) was errected in 1436 as part of the fifth ring of city walls surrounding the city of Udine. Entering the city through this gate lead to Via Aquileia where you can walk along six old palaces dating back to the 17th-19th centuries.

Lock at Belvedere Gardens in Vienna

Artful lock at a garden gate in Vienna, Austria

Artful lock of a garden gate seen at the Belvedere Gardens in Vienna. The figurine of a man situated in the middle of the lock made me think it could portray a Native American?

Schweizertor in Vienna

Schweizertor in Vienna, Austria

Through this gate named Schweizertor (‘Swiss Gate’) one can enter the oldest part of the Hofburg. At the inner yard behind this gate there is the entrance to the Kaiserliche Schatzkammer (Imperial Treasury) where one can see some very important crowns and jewels, e.g. the insignia and jewels of the Holy Roman Empire.