Lighthouse in Moritzburg

During a horse-drawn carriage ride around Moritzburg Castle, we arrived at the lighthouse at Niedere Großteich Bärnsdorf. The lighthouse was originally built for a naumachia. So were previously called buildings and basins for the staging of naval battles.

Erlensee Lake in Brixen im Thale

The Erlensee Lake located in the Tyrolean place Brixen im Thale is reserved for anglers only. Next to the lake there is a small restaurant named Fischerstadl. There one can have fresh fish dishes while looking at the lake from the restaurant’s terrace.

Lake Zell in Pinzgau

Right next to the railway station of Zell am See I had this great view of the Zeller See (Lake Zell) and the mountains nearby. During the cold period of the year it is frozen and used for winter sports like skating. In earlier times it even supplied breweries and so on with ice  for…

Ritzensee Lake in Saalfelden

On my way to the museum of local history at Schloss Ritzen I came across this lovely lake named Ritzensee. It is an artificial lake built in a moory landscape.

Wallersee Lake in Winter

Wallersee Lake on a cold winter day. This photo was taken on a train journey from Linz to Salzburg.

Wasserfallboden Reservoir in Kaprun

On the way back from the Moosersperre dam down to Kaprun, I took this photo of the Wasserfallboden reservoir through the windows of my bus.

Traun Lake in Salzkammergut

After leaving Salzkammergut Railway at station Ebensee – Landungsplatz I had this great view of the Traun Lake (Traunsee). The Traunsee is the deepest lake of Austria (191 metres) and offers lovely views of high mountains and even an old castle set on a tiny island (Seeschloss Ort).