Loco E2 in Mixnitz

My last impression of my railway journey: Two electric locomotives dating back to 1913 (!) still in use for the Breitenau Railway (Breitenauerbahn) in the Austrian state of Styria.

Locomotive of the Breitenauerbahn

This locomotive is used for trains of the Breitenauerbahn (Breitenau Railway) running between the Styrian places Breitenau and Mixnitz.  This narrow-gauge railway was established in 1913 and is an electrified one since the very beginning.

Mural showing the locomotive Philadelphia

A mural near the railway station Wien Meidling (Philadelphiabrücke) reminding of one of the first locomotives used in Austria. The locomotive was built in 1837 by the Norris Locomotive Works in Philadelphia, USA. Norris Locomotive Works (Wikipedia) Locomotive Philadelphia (Wikipedia)

Locomotive NkNb 1-3 (1882) in Budapest

Steam locomotive NkNb 1-3 built in 1882 seen on the grounds of the Transport Museum of Budapest. The locomotive was originally built for the railroad Nagykikinda–Nagybecskerek and changed into an industrial locomotive for a chemistry work in Budapest later.

Steam locomotive JŽ 25-002 in Celje

At the railway station of Celje I saw the second steam locomotive on my trip through Slovenia. The locomotive now numbered JŽ 25-002 was built in the Austrian city Wiener Neustadt in 1922. In the background one can see the old castle of Celje.

Steam locomotive JŽ 151-001 in Maribor

This steam locomotive pedestalled in front of the railway station of Maribor was built in Wiener Neustadt (Austria) in 1903. In the beginning the locomotive served on the Rohitsch Local Railway. During Austrian period this railway was named Rohitscher Lokalbahn and linked the rail junction Grobelno with the spa Rogaška Slatina (Rohitsch-Sauerbrunn)

Steam locomotive 52.7046 in Selzthal

This steam locomotive located at the railway station of the Styrian place Selzthal is a so called Kriegslokomotive (war locomotive) built in 1943. Whereas this model is a museum exhibit only, there is also a locomotive of the same class (DRB Class 52) which is still operating for classic train tours: Steam locomotive 52.1227

A locomotive promoting Austrian police

A locomotive promoting the work of the Austrian police. In Austria one can pay for a locomotive painted in the colours and with the logo of ones company.

Steam Locomotive SB 109.13 (1912)

On an event at the Südbahn Museum I came across this steam locomotive built 1912. The locomotive which was used for the line between Vienna and Trieste until 1918 is still in use for classic train tours. Generally one can see this locomotive at a railway museum near Vienna named Heizhaus Strasshof.

Fireless steam locomotive in Chemnitz

At the Saxon Museum of Industry I came across this fireless steam locomotive. This kind of locomotives was used in industrial facilities where no open fire was allowed.

Locomotive 1100.102 in Mürzzuschlag

An electric locomotive built in 1925/26. The nickname of this class of locomotives is ‘Austrian Crocodile’. These locomotives used to drive heavy trains along the mountain routes of Austria.