Dragons Monasteries

Dragon at Altenburg Abbey

Dragon at a fresco by Paul Troger in Altenburg Abbey

At the church of Altenburg Abbey (Stift Altenburg) the frescoes were created by Paul Troger. I was really surprised to see one of his frescoes includes a dragon.

Abbeys Monasteries

Orangery at Klosterneuburg Abbey

Inside the orangery of Klosterneuburg Monastery, Austria

After a walk through the seven gardens of Klosterneuburg Monastery (Stift Klosterneuburg) near Vienna I also visited the orangery of the monastery. Inside I  was very surprised by this ensemble including an old world map showing the route of an exploring journey done by the Austrian ship ‘SMS Novara‘.

Abbeys Monasteries

Contemporary art at Klosterneuburg Abbey

Contemporary art at Klosterneuburg Monastery, Austria

While my visit at Klosterneuburg Monastery I came across several examples of contemporary art which were partly well hidden in the structures of the monastery. For example I discovered this red ‘thing’ in the cloistered courtyard  by glimpsing through an open window.

Accommodations Monasteries Murals

Dominicans Island in Constance

Cloister at Dominicans Island in Constance, Germany

The former monastery of the Dominicans situated on a tiny island in front of Constance (Konstanz) accommodates a hotel now. So guests of this hotel and its restaurant have the chance to walk along this cloister decorated with paintings by Carl von Haeberlin.