Manhole Covers Promotions

Manhole cover in Mannheim

Manhole cover in Mannheim, Germany

Clever! On this manhole cover, an International Museum of Buttons (Knopf & Knopf Museum) is being advertised. This is located together with a brasserie and a hotel in a former railway station building in Warthausen. The building is located directly on the Öchsle Railway, a heritage railway from Warthausen to Ochsenhausen.

Locomotives Promotions

Austrian locomotive promoting EKO Cobra

Austrian locomotive promoting EKO Cobra, Austria’s primary counter-terrorism unit

Locomotives of the Austrian Federal Railways (OBB) offer advertising space for companies and organisations. This locomotive seen in Leoben promotes EKO Cobra,  Austria’s primary counter-terrorism unit. Mind the friendly snake in the front part of the loco!

Automobiles Promotions

Cadillac Sedan 1956 in Frankfurt on Main

Cadillac Sedan 1956 in Frankfurt on Main, Germany

As you know I love to stroll around railway stations while waiting for the next connection. So I do at airports as well. At Frankfurt on Main Airport I came across this Cadillac Sedan (1956) which is an advertisement for two German museums about technology.


Fun advertisement at Frankfurt Main Airport

Fun advertisement at Frankfurt Main Airport, Germany

Fun as well as thought provoking advertising seen at Frankfurt on Main Airport. Literally translated the text says: “You have to read in order to stay on top”

Locomotives Promotions Railways

A locomotive promoting Austrian police

Locomotive standing at Graz Central Station

A locomotive promoting the work of the Austrian police. In Austria one can pay for a locomotive painted in the colours and with the logo of ones company.


Fun promotion for bikes in Graz

Fun advertisement in Graz, Austria

Fun advertisement seen in Graz. The slogan Hängen Sie Ihr Altes an den Nagel … (‘hang your old one up …’) suggests to buy a new bike from a certain company.


A penguin in Vienna

Penguin on a balcony in Vienna, Austria

As I always say: The most interesting details of a city are not on the ground floor. E.g. this penguin seen on a balcony rail of a building in Vienna. I was told, the creator of this penguin, which had been used for a campaign by the Austrian tourism board, has put this figure on his balcony.

Promotions Signs

The Trojan boot in Friesach

A fun sign at a shoeshop

On my walk through Friesach I came across this fun shop sign at the storefront of a shoe shop. It shows a ‘Trojan Boot’ (Der trojanische Stiefel)