Photo of a rainbow taken on a train trip

Photo of a rainbow taken on a train journey

Part of a rainbow caught on a train journey north of Graz. The photo was taken through dirty windows, the train was at high-speed and probably most of the camera settings were wrong. I didn’t edit the photo though in order to show how intense the colours of the rainbow were.

City walls of Radstadt

City walls of Radstadt, Austria

On a train journey through Pongau, a region of the Austrian state Salzburg, I took this photo through the windows of my train. It shows parts of the city walls of Radstadt. The city was founded in 13th century and is member of the Small Historic Cities (Kleine Historische Städte) of Austria.

Waiting for the opposite train

Pasture next to a railway line in Austria

The charm of travelling single track railways in Austria: While waiting for the opposite train you have the chance to watch cattle grazing in a lovely landscape. This photo I took on such a siding place between Stainach and Schladming in the Austrian state of Styria.