Reenactment group of Austrian Dragoons

During a historical festival next to the Museum of Military History (Heeresgeschichtliches Museum) I saw a performance of some horsemen in the uniforms of former Austrian dragoons. It was especially interesting to see how the soldiers used to train horses to stay calm in battle.

Roman testudo formation in Carnuntum

At the archaeological park Carnuntum in Lower Austria a reenactment group shows an ancient Roman testudo formation, also known as tortoise formation.

Reconstruction of an ancient ballista

At a Roman festival taking place in the archaeological park Carnuntum I saw this reconstruction of an ancient ballista. Carnuntum (Website) Ballista (Wikipedia)

Roman fashion show in Carnuntum

During a festival on the grounds of the archaeology park Carnuntum, a Roman fashion show took place. The audience was not only told about the elements of ancient fashion but also how to put on a toga. By the way, the lady with the red scarf is portraying a Roman bride.