Sundial in Merano

Sundial in Merano, Italy

While I walked through Merano in Italy, I came across this sundial. I was impressed how many elements and codes are compiled in this depiction. For example one can see the motto of Friedrich III. (AEIOU) as well as a skull with an hour glass on top of it.

Sundial at a former monastery

Sundial at the former Augustinian monastery in Bruck/Leitha, Austria

A sundial displaying an equestrian seen at the former Augustinian monastery (Augustinereremitenkloster) in Bruck an der Leitha,

Sundial in Knittelfeld

Sundial in Knittelfeld, Austria

At the sundial located at the Pfarrheim (parish community centre) of Knittelfeld one can not only see Saint Catherine but also the no longer existing town hall. The late Gothic town hall was destroyed in the Second World War.

Sundial at the main square of Neunkirchen

Sundial at the main square of Neunkirchen, Austria

This sundial is placed on the facade of a 16th-century building located at the main square of Neunkirchen. The city is the capital of the district of Neunkirchen in the Austrian state of Lower Austria.

Sundial in Poysdorf

Sundial with grapes in Poysdorf, Austria

Sundial with grapes in Poysdorf. The grapes refer to the fact that Poysdorf is famous for its vineyards surrounding the place.

Sundial in San Daniele del Friuli

Sundial in San Daniela del Friuli, Italy

Sundial seen at the walls of Cathedral of San Michele Arcangelo in San Daniele del Friuli. This place is best known as the production center of the San Daniele prosciutto.