Exhibition ‘5 Farben’ at the MUWA in Graz

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Museum der Wahrnehmung in Graz, Austria

Tonight I visited the opening of an exhibition with a work by the German artist Hasso von Henninges named ‘5 Farben’ (5 colours). In this work the artist displayed all possible combinations if you mix 5 colours in paintings made of 3 colours (example).

Well, the mathematician would do the math, I just counted the paintings in the room. There were 60 paintings made of crayon. Btw the exhibition takes place at the MUWA (Museum der Wahrnehmung) in Graz, a museum about perception.

Well, a good place for this work. Many people would probably claim that creating 60 paintings in different colours is not really art. I disagree. Besides of the workmanship to use crayon in such a balanced way the artist did, the true effect of this work is which perceptions came to a visitors mind.

Me, I immediately started to think about flags of nations and tried to find some. So I ‘found’ Germany, Netherlands and Romania in his work. The next thought was that only 60 nations could use different flags if there are limited to 5 colours and a flag type of 3 rows. Have we ever thought about by what reasons nations have chosen their colours? Would be a nice homework for that weekend, huh?

It was also interesting to see that those pieces of work with a bright color on the top got a kind of halo over them as they reflected the light of the hall in a different way. Perhaps not an intention by the artist but as I’ve already said, the exhibition takes place in an exhibition hall about perception. So it was just a question of time to discover this phenomenon.