Restaurant ‘Speisesaal’ in Graz

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Restaurant 'Speisesaal' in Graz, Austria

Restaurant Speisesaal is located on the ground floor of Hotel Wiesler. Personally I’d consider it as a venue for having a good time while eating a huge burger or steak and listening to music presented by a DJ.

The interior is pretty unique for Graz. For example one wall is covered with a big painting created by artist Josef Wurm. The chairs are of different styles and some parts of the room are ruined after the same idea why palaces have romantic ruins in their parks.

By the way the mural at this room is an interesting counterpart to the decor of the room at the opposite side of the hotel’s lobby. There one can have breakfast in a hall of the same size decorated in the style of Jugendstil. Well, the painting depicted above looks a bit like Jugenstil too, doesn’t it?

Disclosure: I was invited by Hotel Das Weitzer which is related with this restaurant.