Bauhaus Archive in Berlin

The Bauhaus Archive in Berlin was built in 1979. Since then, it has collected literature, documents and works related to the Bauhaus. The founder of the Bauhaus Walter Gropius participated in the design. The characteristic shed roofs go back to his plans.

Aquarium Berlin

This illustration of a Triceratops is one of several animal representations on the outer walls of the Aquarium Berlin. In 1913, this edifice was built on the grounds of the Zoological Garden in the Tiergarten district.

Manhole cover in Berlin

This manhole cover displays a compilation of main sights in Berlin. It is interesting to see, that the new Federal Chancellery Building is considered a main sight.

Skyline of Berlin

The skyline of Berlin as seen from the top of the Victory Column (Siegessäule). On the left side you can see the television tower (Fernsehturm) of Berlin. The white cross at the sphere is often called ‘The Pope’s Revenge’.

Bellevue Palace in Berlin

Designed by architect Michael Philipp Boumann, Bellevue Palace (Schloss Bellevue) was erected in 1786 as a summer residence for Prince Augustus Ferdinand of Prussia. It has been the official residence of the Federal President of Germany since 1994.