Celle Palace at night in Celle

Celle Renaissance Palace in Lower Saxony, Germany

On the way back to my hotel I passed the palace of Celle (Schloss Celle) again. Sometimes a walk around a castle at night is even more exciting than in the daylight. Especially if you are alone in the streets.

Beautiful fanlight in Celle

Beautiful fanlight in Celle, Germany

Nice decorated fanlight seen at a half-timbered house in Celle. I am not sure about the style. It seems to be not much older than 100 years? What do you think?

Oldest dated House in Celle

Oldest house of Celle, Germany

This building is supposed to be the oldest dated house (1522) in Celle. The mannequin indicates that some parts of the building are used for a fashion shop now.

At the Stechbahn of Celle

At the Stechbahn of Celle, Germany

At the ‘Stechbahn’ of Celle. The former jousting field of the city was placed here. Though the sculpture is a kind of advertisement for a local bank I love the idea to portray the former use of this place by lances.

Odd horseshoe in Celle

Odd horseshoe in Celle, Germany

While walking through Celle I wondered what this horseshoe seen at the ‘Stechbahn‘ is indicating? Passersby told me it marks that place where Otto V, Duke of Brunswick-L√ľneburg died at a tournament. Hmm, I always thought horseshoes are a sign of fortune? Obviously not in that case.

Colourful portal in Celle

Colourful portal in Celle, Germany

This detail on a gate in Celle is interesting. The colours of the decorations are the same as those ones in the emblem of Celle: A blue lion in a golden field surrounded by red hearts.

Inscriptions at the houses of Celle

Inscriptions at the houses of Celle, Germany

Walking through Celle is like reading a book. Sometimes the lines are benedictions, sometimes they describe the purpose of the building. I wonder if there is a guide book listing all these inscriptions?