Cuisine Wine

Weingut Gager in Deutschkreutz

Table for tasting at winery Gager in Deutschkreutz, Austria

Following a guided tour through Weingut Gager, a winery in Deutschkreutz, I joined a tasting in the salesroom of the winery. After having several tastings in old vaults it was a pleasant variation to sit at a modern table in a stylish room.


Storks in Deutschkreutz

Stork's nest in Deutschkreutz, Austria

A trip through Burgenland wouldn’t be complete without taking photos of storks. One can see their nests on many roofs in the easternmost state of Austria. Coincidentally, I found the nest with the most storks on top of a house that bore the name Burgenland.


Having Tafelspitz in Deutschkreutz

Tafelspitz at a Heuriger in Deutschkreutz, Austria

‘Big’ surprise at a Heuriger in Burgenland: At the Schnitzelheuriger Posch I got this huge portion of Tafelspitz. If you would like to learn more about this traditional Austrian dish have a look here: Article on Wikipedia.

Castles Palaces

Deutschkreutz Castle in Deutschkreutz

Deutschkreutz Castle in Burgenland, Austria

At Deutschkreutz Castle (Schloss Deutschkreutz) I had a guided tour by owner Anton Lehmden. Artist Anton Lehmden is member of the Vienna School of Fantastic Realism and is presenting many of his works in the rooms of the castle.