The cute cat of Friedberg

A friendly cat at the railway station of Friedberg

Friedberg is a city in a rural region of Austria where people generally greet neighbours as well as strangers like me. Even this cat gives me a warm welcome.

City Walls History

Ungartor in Friedberg

Ungartor in Friedberg, Austria

The walls of Friedberg were built with money from the ransom for Richard I of England (‘Richard the Lionheart’). The gate depicted above is a reconstruction and is known as ‘Ungartor’.


Thonet museum in Friedberg

Thonet Museum in Friedberg, Austria

On the way from the railway station to the centre of Friedberg I passed this museum with an exhibition of furniture produced my the famous factory Thonet. It shows about 80 pieces, e.g. that table which was displayed at The Great Exhibition 1851 in London. Another big collection of chairs you can visit at the MAK, the Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna.