Promotions Signs

The Trojan boot in Friesach

A fun sign at a shoeshop

On my walk through Friesach I came across this fun shop sign at the storefront of a shoe shop. It shows a ‘Trojan Boot’ (Der trojanische Stiefel)


Bäckertauche in Friesach

Bäckertauche in Friesach, Austria

While walking along the city walls of Friesach I came across this installation which is called Bäckertauche. I was told this used to be a tool for punishment in earlier times. Baker (Bäcker) who had cheated were locked into this cage and immersed (tauchen) into the water several times.

City Walls

City wall of Friesach

City walls of Friesach, Austria

The town of Friesach is still surrounded by a water-filled moat. The structure on the left side is a reconstruction of a Bäckertauche. In earlier times a Bäckertauche was used as a punishment tool similar to a cucking stool.

Ideas Urban Walks

Posttor (Olsator) in Friesach

Olsator in Friesach, Austria

On my walk through Friesach I discovered this clever idea to visualize the medieval gate called Posttor or Olsator in its shape of about 1200 AD. The sign was transparent so I was able to match past and presence.