Sundial in San Daniele del Friuli

Sundial in San Daniela del Friuli, Italy

Sundial seen at the walls of Cathedral of San Michele Arcangelo in San Daniele del Friuli. This place is best known as the production center of the San Daniele prosciutto.

Castle of Fagagna in Friuli

Castle ruin of Fagagna in Friuli, Italy

Many foreign peoples entered Italy via the area of Friuli in the north-east of the country. Therefore Friuli is that part of Italy with the highest density of castles. The castle of Fagagna has been in ruins since 16th century but it still offers a great view of the countryside from the top of the castle hill.

Santa Maria in Castello in Udine

Santa Maria in Castello in Udine, Italy

The golden angel on top of the church Santa Maria in Castello made me think he is pointing me to anything special. A hint for a treasure? A mystery Dan Brown would love to unravel? After some research the answer was pretty simple: He is constructed like a weather vane and just show the direction of the wind.

Loggia del Lionello in Udine

Loggia del Lionello in Udine, Italy

The Loggia del Lionello is a Venetian Gothic style edifice built in 15th century. The colours of whith and red marble are a fine alteration to the pure white of the Piazza della Libertà. An interesting detail: Right in the middle of the loggia there is big thermometer using a technology I saw there the first time.