Schwammerlturm in Leoben

Schwammerlturm in Leoben, Austria

Master builder Peter Carlone built this tower in 1615. In the beginning, the name of this building referred to its function. It was called Mautturm (toll tower). After getting its unique roof in 1794, the name Schwammerlturm (mushroom tower) became common.

Summer house of Eggenwald

Eggenwaldsches Gartenhaus in Leoben, Austria

In this summer house formerly owned by Josef von Eggenwald (Eggenwaldsches Gartenhaus), the Peace Treaty of Leoben was signed between the Holy Roman Empire and the First French Republic on April 18th, 1797. This signing was an important event at the end of the “War of the First Coalition”. [German]

How to transport a railway switch

Transport of a railway switch

Today I came across a train that transported railway switches. It was interesting to see what kind of specialized carriages are used for this extra-wide cargo.