City Walls

City walls of Passau

City walls of Passau, Germany

The city walls of Passau are still to see in some parts. This part is located near a street named Sterkgäßchen in the Innstadt. The Innstadt is a quarter of Passau, situated between the Inn river and the Austrian border.


Hall of Liberation in Kelheim

Hall of Liberation at Kelheim, Germany

The Hall of Liberation (Befreiungshalle) is a Neoclassical monument on Michelsberg hill near the town of Kelheim. It was commissioned by King Ludwig I of Bavaria to commemorate the victory over Napoleon in the German Campaign of 1813 (Befreiungskriege).

Castles Museums

Oberhaus Fortress in Passau

Veste Oberhaus in Passau, Germany

A part of Veste Oberhaus (Oberhaus Fortress) as seen from the main place in Passau. From this fortress one have a great view of the three rivers of Passau which are generally visible in three different colours: Danube (Blue), Inn (Green) and Ilz (Black)

Museums Roman Empire

Roman museum Boitro in Passau

Roman museum in Passau, Germany

Passau has a rich Roman history. On the site of the Roman museum Boitro (Römermuseum Kastell Boitro) you can still see parts of an ancient fort generally known as Kastell Boitro.