At the Stechbahn of Celle

At the Stechbahn of Celle, Germany

At the ‘Stechbahn’ of Celle. The former jousting field of the city was placed here. Though the sculpture is a kind of advertisement for a local bank I love the idea to portray the former use of this place by lances.

Odd horseshoe in Celle

Odd horseshoe in Celle, Germany

While walking through Celle I wondered what this horseshoe seen at the ‘Stechbahn‘ is indicating? Passersby told me it marks that place where Otto V, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg died at a tournament. Hmm, I always thought horseshoes are a sign of fortune? Obviously not in that case.

Colourful portal in Celle

Colourful portal in Celle, Germany

This detail on a gate in Celle is interesting. The colours of the decorations are the same as those ones in the emblem of Celle: A blue lion in a golden field surrounded by red hearts.

Inscriptions at the houses of Celle

Inscriptions at the houses of Celle, Germany

Walking through Celle is like reading a book. Sometimes the lines are benedictions, sometimes they describe the purpose of the building. I wonder if there is a guide book listing all these inscriptions?

Hoppener Haus in Celle

Hoppener Haus in Celle, Germany

Another amazing building in Celle: The Hoppener Haus. It was built in 1532. I like especially the pattern at the lowermost floor. You?

Bomann Museum in Celle

Bomann-Museum in Celle, Germany

The museum for Lower Saxon ethnology and history was built in the years 1903/07 by architect Alfred Sasse in the style of historicism. First, the museum’s name was Vaterländisches Museum (National Museum). In 1928, it got the name of its founder Wilhelm Bomann. [German]