Steam locomotive 33.132 in Mürzzuschlag

While my train was waiting at the railway station of Mürzzuschlag this pretty steam locomotive passed by. The locomotive with the number 33.132 is part of the BBÖ Class 113 and was built in the year 1925. It is still used for vintage train journeys by the company B&B Blue Train.

2nd Marcus Car in Mürzzuschlag

At an event performed by the Südbahnmuseum in Mürzzuschlag I had the chance to see an operating replica of the second car built by Siegfried Marcus. The original was built  in 1888/1889 and is still operating too. One can see it at the Museum of Technology (Technisches Museum) in Vienna.

Steam Locomotive SB 109.13 (1912)

On an event at the Südbahn Museum I came across this steam locomotive built 1912. The locomotive which was used for the line between Vienna and Trieste until 1918 is still in use for classic train tours. Generally one can see this locomotive at a railway museum near Vienna named Heizhaus Strasshof.

Ford T 1925 in Mürzzuschlag

A Ford T built in the year 1925 seen at a classic car show on the grounds of the Südbahn Museum in Mürzzuschlag.

Südbahn Museum in Mürzzuschlag

The museum exhibits in a former locomotive hall the history of the Südbahn Railway (Vienna-Trieste) with an emphasis on the route over the Semmering Pass (Semmering Railway). In a second locomotive shed a numerous collection of draisines is gathered. [German]

Locomotive 1100.102 in Mürzzuschlag

An electric locomotive built in 1925/26. The nickname of this class of locomotives is ‘Austrian Crocodile’. These locomotives used to drive heavy trains along the mountain routes of Austria.