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Photos of school classes in Sopron

Photos of school classes in Sopron, HungaryPhotos of school classes in Sopron, Hungary

An interesting detail one can often see in Hungary: Public viewed photos of school classes. Does anyone know if this tradition is limited to certain classes, e.g. senior years?


Steam loco GySEV 324,1518 in Sopron

Steam locomotive GySEV 324,1518 in Sopron, Hungary

Steam locomotive GySEV 324,1518 was built in Budapest in 1910. Today it is a museum exhibit at the railway station of Sopron, Hungary


Fun sign in Sopron, Hungary

Fun traffic sign in Sopron, Hungary

On my way from the city centre to the railway station of Sopron I came across this sign which showed me the direction to the station. I was really surprised about the design of the locomotive. What do you think? Is this an official sign?

City Walls Roman Empire

City walls of Sopron

City walls of Sopron, Hungary

Parts of the uncovered city walls of Sopron are dating back to the Roman period. In Roman times the city was known as Scarbantia and served as a marketplace along the Amber Road. [German]


Yellow house in Sopron

Yellow house in Sopron, Hungary

A nice coloured house in Sopron, Hungary.