Trieste at Sunset

Trieste at Sunset

Photo of a sunset taken through the windows of my bus while leaving the harbour town Trieste in Italy. I was especially impressed by the reflections at the tops of the tower blocks. You?

Canal Grande in Trieste

Canal Grande in Trieste, Italy

On my research tour for Austrian tracks in Italy I also visited the Borgo Teresiano of Trieste. It was founded by Maria Theresa in the middle of 18th century. The canal depicted above was a waterway for merchant ships in order to bring commodities directly to the merchants in the city. [German]

Olive trees near Caresana

Grove of olives in Caresana, Italy

During a weekend staying in Trieste I made a trip to Caresana nearby. After learning some details about the olive oil production in a mill I enjoyed this set of colours in one of the olive groves.