Coat of arms in Udine

Coat of arms in Udine, Italy

Amazing emblem seen in the streets of Udine. Any ideas who is the owner of this coat of arms?

Piazza Libertà in Udine

Piazza Libertà in Udine, Italy

At the Piazza Libertà in Udine. I love this photo for one reason: Though it is a central place the atmosphere is so peaceful.

A weird tree in Udine

A weird tree in Udine, Italy

On my way back from the castle of Udine down to the city I came across this atmospheric place dominated by a weird tree.

Santa Maria in Castello in Udine

Santa Maria in Castello in Udine, Italy

The golden angel on top of the church Santa Maria in Castello made me think he is pointing me to anything special. A hint for a treasure? A mystery Dan Brown would love to unravel? After some research the answer was pretty simple: He is constructed like a weather vane and just show the direction of the wind.

Loggia del Lionello in Udine

Loggia del Lionello in Udine, Italy

The Loggia del Lionello is a Venetian Gothic style edifice built in 15th century. The colours of whith and red marble are a fine alteration to the pure white of the Piazza della Libertà. An interesting detail: Right in the middle of the loggia there is big thermometer using a technology I saw there the first time.

Cathedral of Udine

Cathedral of Udine, Italy

The Duomo Cattedrale di Santa Maria Annunziata in the light of noonday sun. Inside there is a chance to see some works created by Giambattista Tiepolo. Another good place to learn more about this artist is the Diocesan Museum of Udine.

Wall decorations in Udine

Wall decorations in Udine, Italy

On my walk through the old part of Udine I came across this fascinating decorations right under the roof. I guess there is a special term for this kind of decoration. How would you call this kind of deco in Italian or English language?

Heavily guarded gate in Udine

Heavily guarded gate in Udine, Italy

Generally, I know Udine as a popular shopping city for us Austrian but the old part is worth a visit for people interested in architecture too. My first impression after entering the centre of Udine: Well, the gates here are heavily guarded!