Altenburg Abbey in Altenburg

Altenburg Abbey in Altenburg, Austria

This Baroque abbey still offers the remains of a medieval monastery in its basement, one can reach by an elevator. The complex also includes a theme garden dedicated to the different world religions located not far away from the monastery.

Locomotives Museums Railways

Locomotive ÖBB 1040.09 in Sigmundsherberg

Electric locomotive ÖBB 1040.09 in Sigmundsherberg, Austria

This electric locomotive ÖBB 1040.09, built in 1951, is located as an exhibit at the Waldviertel railway museum (Waldviertler Eisenbahnmuseum) in Sigmundsherberg. In addition to material about Austrian railways, you can also see an exhibition about the Sigmundsherberg POW camp from World War I. [German]

Dragons Monasteries

Dragon at Altenburg Abbey

Dragon at a fresco by Paul Troger in Altenburg Abbey

At the church of Altenburg Abbey (Stift Altenburg) the frescoes were created by Paul Troger. I was really surprised to see one of his frescoes includes a dragon.

Abbeys Gothic

The golden stove of Altenburg Abbey

Reconstruction of a Gothic tower stove in Altenburg Abbey

On my walk through the basement vaults of Altenburg Abbey I came across this reconstruction of a Gothic tower stove. While unearthing the old monastery the workers discovered 62 tiles showing Bible stories, saints, emblems and symbols. They were probably created in the years between 1480 and 1510.

Abbeys Sundials

Sundial at Geras Abbey

Sundial at Geras Abbey, Austria

Next to the room where I took a workshop in creating hand-made paper I came across this sundial. It is placed at the court of Geras Abbey (Stift Geras). I wonder which castle is shown at that sundial?


View of Geras Abbey

View from my hotel room in Geras, Austria

View from my hotel room in Geras. I stayed on the first floor of a former ‘Schüttkasten‘. A Schüttkasten is a building which was used for the storage of corn in earlier times. From my room, I had this view of Geras Abbey (Stift Geras). Inside the building on the left side, I took a lesson in producing hand-made paper.