Porcelain worlds at Leuchtenburg Castle

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Baroque table at the Porcelain Worlds in Seitenroda, Germany

In the halls of Leuchtenburg Castle you can vist an excellent exhibition about the history of porcelain.

The inventors of porcelain features as faked film poster at Leuchtenburg Castle in Thuringia, Germany

The porcelain worlds are not just baroque and pink. E.g. the part about the supposed inventors of the porcelain starts with this clever film poster which actually doesn’t promote a real movie but introduce those people the exhibition is telling about next.

Artful failure at the porcelain worlds

At ‘Failure and Triumph’ the exhibition explained what can go wrong in the production of pieces made of porcelain. Well, I loved this failure depicted above. In my opinion this could be sold as contemporary art.

Workshop of a handle maker at Leuchtenburg Castle, Germany

One part of the Porcelain Worlds tells about the working conditions in earlier times. Whereas men labored in the factories women and childern worked as handle makers at home and sold their products to the factories at a unit price.