Old Gotthard mail coach

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Old Gotthard mail coach in Zurich, Switzerland

Right opposite Zurich Central Station you find the Landesmuseum Zürich (Swiss National Museum). I had some time to spend and looked at several exhibits outside the museum. So I discovered this Gotthard Mail Coach.

Gotthard Mail Coach (1842 – 1882)

A board explained the history of traffic through the St. Gotthard Massif. For example, express mail coaches like the depicted one transported people and mail from 1842 – 1882. With the opening of the Gotthard Railway, a new means of transportation replaced the coaches.

For me, it was a fascinating contrast. Hardly 10 minutes ago, I left a train, which had hurried through the Gotthard tunnel. Now I stood next to a mail coach that was meant to stand the street and weather conditions along the Gotthard Pass. Curiously I studied how they covered passengers and goods against wind and rain.

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