Sundial in Puch bei Weiz

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Sundial at St Oswald church in Puch bei Weiz, Austria

This sundial at the parish church of Puch bei Weiz shows Saint Oswald with a raven in his hand. The church is consecrated to this saint, who ruled as a King of Northumbria in the years 634-642.

Saint Oswald in Styria

Saint Oswald is pretty much known in Austria. Many churches are dedicated to him, and several villages are named after him. So, I wasn’t surprised to see a depiction of Saint Oswald in the Styrian city of Puch bei Weiz. However, I was impressed to learn he was an Anglo-Saxonian King of the 7th century.

Saint Oswald in UK

That way, I learned that Christian veneration can move the spirit of someone over long distances. While Oswald of Northumbria never left the British Isles, the worship of him took place in many countries, in particular in Germany and Austria. Village names in the UK, like Kirkoswald, commemorates him as well.

Parish Church in Puch bei Weiz

The region around Puch bei Weiz was already known by the Romans. Today, the place is noted for extended orchards, producing millions of apples. An ancient tombstone next to the parish church intriguingly portrays both facts. The depicted lady is considered to eat an apple.

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