Rabenstein Castle in Frohnleiten

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Rabenstein Castle in Frohnleiten

It serves me as a landmark when I take the train through the Mur Valley. When I see it, it’s not far to Graz: Rabenstein Castle. Its old stone walls make it look like an inhospitable knight’s castle. Inside it surprises with beautiful halls and a collection of Japanese artworks.

I took the pic on a cold day in January 2004. In the left upper corner you see the remains of the first castle (Alt-Rabenstein) which dates back to the 12th century. Today the ruin is covered by a modern conference hall called Hochegger-Keusche.

The name Hochegger refers to one of the latest owners who bought the castle in 2005. His business contacts to Japan and his interest in Japanese art results in a worth-seeing collection. In the Japaneum you enjoy Japanese artworks protected by the solid walls of a Styrian castle.

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