Bogenšperk Castle in Šmartno pri Litiji


Entrance of Grad Bogenšperk, Slovenia

Bogenšperg Castle (Grad Bogenšperg) was the home of the natural historian and polymath Johann Weichard Valvasor (1641-1693). He became famous for publishing several books about topics like the Karst or the history of Carniola. [German]

The Glory of the Duchy of Carniola

One of his works was The Glory of the Duchy of Carniola (Die Ehre deß Herzogthums Crain). In 15 books, he described the history of his homeland Carniola. Castle buffs know this works by numerous depictions of castles and mansions.

Bogenšperg Castle (Grad Bogenšperg)

For the production of his books, he installed a copperplate workshop in Bogenšperg Castle. Today, a museum shows tools from this workshop and tells about his life as a publisher in the 17th century.

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First published: May 29, 2004 / Last updated: May 09, 2023