Tempelherrenhaus in Weimar

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House of the Templers in Weimar, Germany

Many years ago, I came across an old ruin in Weimar. Its name – Tempelherrenhaus – made me think of the mysterious templars. But I was wrong. The building was a former ducal venue that transformed into a ruin after an air raid in 1945. [German]

The Tempelherrenhaus, a ducal venue

In the beginning, the 18th-century building formed a venue for ducal festivities. Its name originated from four life-sized sculptures representing templar knights. So, it was not a base of this mysterious order at all.

Atelier of Johannes Itten

On the occasion of the preparations for the Bauhaus anniversary in 2019, I passed this ruin again. About 100 years ago, the building served as a studio for the masters of the State Bauhaus.

One was Johannes Itten, who dealt with the seasonal colour analysis. What a coincidence. I stood in front of these walls on a dull autumn day and imagined how the great master thought about colours and colour contrasts here.

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